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Construction IT Services

ProActive technology has worked closely for over 30 years with construction companies throughout the New York Metropolitan area.


A functioning IT environment is a profitable one

Construction companies need to be as agile and mobile as their workers. Cloud services can give your construction company the reach it needs to be more mobile and accessible.

Access your files from anywhere

Access your files from anywhere

Cloud Storage Services

Utilize on-demand cloud storage to easily access or collaborate with documents, plans, or photos on the go or while on project sites. Cloud technology and storage has become an integral part of construction firms success. Lets take a look at the advantages of cloud storage:

  • Accessibility = Your data at your fingertips
  • Scalability = Pay only for what you use
  • Disaster Recovery = Automated backups
  • Security = 24/7 Monitoring
  • Collaboration =

Expand your technical reach

Do more in a dynamic work environment

Your construction company needs to be more mobile? That’s why we offer a variety of cloud services that make it easy for you to reach out to people anywhere. From office and mobile, managing your project from anywhere is easier than ever. One such feature that is extremely beneficial is MDM or Mobile Device Management. As a construction company it can be difficult to maintain and keep track of all employee equipment (Phones, iPads, Laptops etc.) Proactive can...

Expand your technical reach
You may be overspending

You may be overspending

Balanced finances with construction cloud services.

In your industry there are seasons where business will slow down. Cloud services can help you stay mobile, and even survive lean times.

Microsoft Copilot: The Future of AI-Powered Assistance

Imagine working on a coding project on GitHub and needing data from an Excel sheet in your Microsoft 365 account. With Copilot, you won't have to switch platforms or go through tedious and repetitive workflows. The AI assistant seamlessly integrates these services, allowing you to import the data directly into your GitHub project.

Microsoft Copilot: The Future of AI-Powered Assistance

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