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E-Rate funding assistance

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New York authorized E-Rate assistance service provider

What is E-Rate?

E-rate is a federal program designed to improve access to modern communications and information services for schools, libraries, and other educational institutions. E-rate provides discounted telecommunications and internet access to eligible schools and libraries. It provides funding for wiring, Wi-Fi, broadband connections, computer hardware, software, etc. in order to help level the playing field between rural and urban communities. As of 2022 the E-rate program has a current cap of $4.46 billion per funding year, adjusted annually for inflation.

Applicants may request funding under two categories:

How does the E-Rate funding assistance program work?

E-rate provides discounted telecommunications and internet access to eligible schools and libraries. The program is funded by the Universal Service Fund fee charged on monthly telephone bills. Schools, libraries and other educational institutions can apply for E-rate funding to help pay for telecommunication services, internet access, digital literacy training, and more.

For example, if you are an eligible school in a rural area without broadband service and you want to take your digital learning initiatives to the next level, then you could apply for E-rate funding to help offset some of the costs associated with expanding your network infrastructure.

In addition to providing funds for wiring, Wi-Fi and broadband connections, e-rate also helps reduce the cost of computers by providing discounts from certain manufacturers and computer vendors.

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