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We Take Support Seriously

To Better Serve Our Clients We Follow the Following SLA Response Metric

IT Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define the level of service that the client can expect to receive and the responsibilities of the service provider. As your service provider, we strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Our SLAs are comprehensive, outlining the expectations of both the service provider and the client. They specify the services that we offer, the duration of the agreement, the performance targets that must be met, and the remedies available if the service is not delivered as promised.

We take our SLAs seriously and strive to meet or exceed the expectations set forth in each agreement. We have established processes and procedures in place to ensure that clients receive the level of service promised. Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and quality assurance.

  • Your main server is offline, and all users are unable to work.
  • One of your Network Switches has failed and stopped half the users from working.
  • A VPN link between 2 x offices is offline causing one office to be unable to work.
1 hour
15 minutes
  • Your Internet Connection is offline, users can still work locally OK
  • Your CEO’s computer has stopped working and they have an urgent task
  • Your main Accounting Software has stopped working and is unavailable
2 Business hours
Up to 1 hour
  • Suspicious email needs to be looked at or blocked
  • One of the main printers is not working, but users can print to another one
  • Program is freezing or crashing
4 Business hours
2 Business hours
  • Printing is slower than normal
  • A single user is unable to scan documents
  • Need email configured on mobile device
8 Business hours
4 Business hours
  • A user needs a program installed on their computer or laptop
  • New user setup and configuration including remote access
  • New computer or Laptop installation and configuration
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